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 Freeze drying got its start in WW II as a way of preserving medicine without refrigeration, and was refined by NASA during the space program to provide foo for astronauts.

 Freeze  drying preserves 99% of the flavor and nutrients in the food, while killing bacteria that can cause illness and spoilage.  They have a shelf life of up to 25 years, and can be kept almost anywhere. And in most cases, the Thrive Life freeze dried products are good for one year after opening. Furthermore, Thrive Life foods contain no additives, preservatives, and is produced in the United States.

When most people think about freeze dried food, they picture either crazed survivalists hiding in a bunker or a bunch of drunk hunters around a campfire.  But Thrive Life believes in the "home store" concept -- where you actually use freeze dried food in preparing your daily meals.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American household throws out over 25% -- some figures go up to almost 40% -- of the food they purchase.  Two-thirds of this loss is due to spoilage.  With freeze dried products, you use 100% of w hat you pay for.


for emergencies

For everyday use

Top quality freeze dried foods, for emergencies and everyday use.

It's not just for the zombie apocalypse anymore.


The flit hits the shan somewhere every hour of every day.  It may be minor, such as a power outage for a few hours or even a couple of days.   It may involve  more serious hardships, including  man-made or natural diasters. You may be unable to leave your location, or conversely, you may have to relocate quickly and with little warning,

Regardless of the cause or the severity of the situation,  one of your basic needs is always food.  Food that won't spoil, that is easy to transport, quick to prepare, and, last but not least, tastes good.